ACES: Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance

Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance (ACES) provides real-time epidemiological surveillance for Ontario. ACES monitors triage (emergency department visits) and inpatient (admissions to hospital) records from over 95% of Ontario’s acute care hospitals. Records are monitored as the patients are being treated, giving real-time situational awareness for disease outbreak and other potential health risks. Hospital visits are monitored with a sliding scale of specificity, from a province-wide assessment to our smallest level of geography, the FSA (forward sortation area, the first three characters of Canadian postal codes). ACES has built-in temporal and spatial capabilities to enable public health to be better informed on the health of the community to improve public health protection and prevention initiatives.

Training Video 1

This first of three videos introduces the home page, tabs, and graphs. It is approximately eight minutes long.

Training Video 2

TThe second of three videos describes the use of the Epicurves tabs. Special attention will be paid to the Tools and Advanced options. The video runs approximately 14 minutes.

Training Video 3

The last in the series will describes the Line Listings page, with special attention to customization options, and individual patient records. The video is approximately 10 minutes long.