ACES Pandemic Tracker

The ACES Pandemic Tracker provides real-time situational awareness of admissions to hospitals in Ontario for reasons that may be related to COVID-19. ACES, or Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance (ACES), is an Ontario-wide system that monitors hospital registration records in real time to identify potential disease outbreaks or other public health threats. It uses natural language processing to scan the words or phrases included in the "reason for admission" and to sort the records into "syndromes". Click here for more information on ACES and syndromic surveillance. Monitoring syndromes in real time can identify an outbreak much faster than is possible using laboratory results, but syndromes are not clinical diagnoses. The syndromes displayed in the Pandemic Tracker include symptoms that may be related to COVID-19, but are not necessarily positive cases. For information on the status of COVID-19 cases, click here for the KFL&A region, here for Ontario, and here for Canada.

How to use the Pandemic Tracker: click here for more information. The information in the Pandemic Tracker can be viewed by Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)—choose a specific LHIN from the dropdown menu to view data from participating hospitals in that region. In the main graph, if the black line (which represents the current admissions) is above the yellow or maroon dotted lines (which represent historical data), this suggests that the hospitals in that area are seeing more admissions than are expected. This is also true if the map shows LHINs that are yellow or maroon—yellow shows a possible increase in admissions while maroon shows a significant increase.

NOTES: Click here for more information on how to use the ACES Pandemic Tracker.  For more information about KFL&A Public Health and its response to COVID-19, click here.  For the status of cases in KFL&A, click here. For status of cases in Ontario, click here. For status of cases in Canada, click here. For more information about the ACES Pandemic Tracker or get the data in an accessible format, please contact informatics team. Current version launched with updated syndromes and flagged admissions: January 20, 2022 (data not comparable between versions).

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