South East Health Integrated Information Portal

SHIIP is a secure web application that allows and encourages the coordination of care for patients in Southern Ontario. Coordination is enabled by the inclusion of many real-time and near real-time data feeds alongside an electronic Coordinated Care Plan (CCP). SHIIP aims to decrease system resource utilization while increasing the quality of care.

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Tri-national Heat Surveillance

KM is working with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, Health Canada, the US CDC, Mexico’s Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risk (Cofepris), and Ottawa Public Health to produce a guide for North American communities to implement syndromic surveillance for extreme heat events. Ultimately, this project aims to improve heat resiliency and overall capacity to adapt to the weather changes expected with climate change in the participating communities. Syndromic surveillance provides the enhanced situational awareness needed to support public health resource allocation and emergency services, as well as helping to identify heat-vulnerable populations.

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Urban Heat Islands

One consequence of the projected effects of climate change is the increase in the intensity, frequency, and duration of heatwaves. Extreme heat is responsible for more deaths than any other form of severe weather, and the urban heat island effect makes cities even hotter than surrounding rural areas. Both urban planners and public health/emergency respondents need tools to understand the heat distribution in cities in order to (1) build cooler, more heat resilient cities, and (2) prevent and protect the most vulnerable from the health effects of extreme heat. KM, with Health Canada, used satellite imagery to calculate a predictive model of surface temperature maps of urban Ontario, and made them available as the Urban Heat Module in PHIMS, to provide the information needed to promote heat adaptation in our communities.

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London Health Sciences Joins ACES

We are pleased to welcome the London Health Sciences Center to the Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance (ACES) system. They are the first of 11 hospitals in their network to complete technical integration. Together, these hospitals represent a significant contribution to provincial surveillance coverage, and we thank each of our new partners for their participation and

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Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Hospital joins ACES

We are pleased to welcome Red Lake Margaret Cochenour hospital to the Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance System. Their data will be used to inform decision making both for the hospital, and in combination with the other networks of connected facilities the Northwestern region and province as a whole.

Know Before You Go

Application Developer, Jason Price worked in collaboration with the Environmental Health Division of KFL&A Public Health to create Know Before You Go. Know Before You Go is a application gives the public access to health inspection records for restaurants, public pools and spas and, personal service settings. The application officially launched October 05, 2015.  

Pembroke Regional Hospital goes live with ACES

Public health and acute care partners from Pembroke Regional Hospital and Renfrew County District Health Unit will now have access to real-time data for a wide range of syndromes with the potential to impact population health. This data can be used as an early warning system for emerging pathogens, and can aid in the planning

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Hôpital Montfort joins ACES

Nous souhaitons la bienvenue à l’Hôpital Montfort en tant que partenaires dans le système ACES. Les données ACES de l’Hôpital Montfort seront utilisés pour informer une stratégie de collaboration pour l’épidémie de grippe annuelle 2015/2016. We extend a welcome to our newest ACES hospital partner, Hôpital Montfort in Ottawa. The data generated by ACES for

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Markham Stouffville Hospital Corporation joins ACES

Today we are happy to welcome Markham Stouffville Hospital Corporation to the ACES system. As they are within the geographic footprint of the Pan/Para Pan American Games, they will participate in a special initiative to monitor population health risks that accompany a mass gathering scenario.

Mackenzie Health – Richmond Hill goes live with ACES

We are pleased to welcome from the GTA, the Richmond Hill site of Mackenzie Health. Public health and acute care partners will use ACES to monitor the population health for Mackenzie Health’s service area during the 2015 Pan/Para Pan American Games, and into the future for a wide range of syndromes of population health relevance.