Our Projects

Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance

ACES is a real-time syndromic surveillance system with temporal and spatial capabilities that enables public health to be better informed on the health of the community, which in turn can help improve public health protection and prevention initiatives.

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Public Health Information Management System

The PHIMS tool uses GIS technology to enhance real-time situational awareness and assists with evidence-informed decision-making to help protect the health of the population. PHIMS aims to enable visualization and spatial analysis of environmental data with underlying population-based indicators.

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South East Health Integrated Information Portal

SHIIP is a portal-based technology solution that enhances individual patient care while providing real-time feedback and summarized data to help plan care. The primary objective of SHIIP is to develop an Integrated Portal with core functionalities that will facilitate the sharing of information and enable person-centred care coordination.

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Community Hubs Ontario

Community hubs was built to connect and engage with people in communities across Ontario who are interested in planning for, building or operating a community hub. In the context of Community Hubs, PHIMS will be used as the platform for an array of products aiming to optimize the geographic range and effectiveness of provincial government-based services.

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