We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals with backgrounds ranging from medicine to information technology. Some of us have worked internationally and, while many of us have worked in academia, still others have many years of private sector experience. With these diverse skill sets and professional experiences, KFL&A Public Health Informatics is able to effectively collect, analyze, and translate data into actionable insight and knowledge to support disease surveillance in the region and across Ontario.


KFL&A Public Health Informatics
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Susan Stewart — Director

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Tim Bramham — Manager of IT/IM

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J Beehler, MLIS — Librarian
J Beehler graduated from Western University with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and works as the Shared Library Services Partnership (SLSP) librarian. They are responsible for delivering service to four client health units in Eastern Ontario:  Hastings and Prince Edward Public Health, Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit, Ottawa Public Health, and Eastern Ontario Health Unit. Library services include equitable access to health research, online databases and comprehensive literature searching. They also develop and deliver in-person and online workshops and facilitate team research projects – individually and on a provincial scale. J Beehler works in close collaboration with four other library ‘hubs’ in the province to collaborate, track statistics, and produce standardized tools.

Mark Bright — System Administrator 
Responsible for the Servers, Infrastructure and Security of the KFL&A Public Health internal network, Mark does a lot of work behind the scenes ensuring that network resources are secure and available to users.  As a member of the IT Team, he also provides desktop and application support to end users and is always available to answer questions or respond to user requests.  Mark brings over 30 years of hands on experience and training to the agency and has worked in numerous environments with varying requirements from academic, to financial, even military.  Outside the office, Mark enjoys reading, wood working, and movies.

Megan Carter, PhD — Research Associate
Megan is passionate about measuring and improving public health. She strives to support evidence-based decision-making, and efficient and effective public health practice that considers health equity, quality improvement, and complex systems. Megan has extensive skills and expertise in epidemiology, research, and evaluation. She works with a diversity of stakeholders and employs lateral and servant leadership styles. Recent examples of Megan’s work include a collaborative regional health inequity assessment involving four public health and healthcare agencies, a situational assessment of policy development and advocacy activities at the agency level, an evaluation of a local program to improve access to fresh produce for local residents in need, and formative and outcome evaluations of a smoking cessation social marketing campaign. Megan’s research interest is in applying a place-based lens to health issues—this includes the examination of local physical and social environments and policies in relation to a wide variety of health outcomes. Away from the office, Megan is a member of the Cataraqui Valley Toastmasters Club and the Mountain Bike Kingston Club.  Megan’s CV

Melanie Dittburner — Library Technician

Melanie’s Bio is under construction.

Luke Dowker, BComp, Dip. CPA (Computer Programmer Analyst) — Application Developer
Luke works mainly with the Shared Health Integrated Information Portal (SHIIP) which provides real-time patient information and analytics for, at present, 2 Ontario LHINS. As a full stack developer, Luke receives feature or improvement requests, collects user and design requirements, and then writes all needed code—from backend database SQL to frontend UI. Luke also maintains several smaller, in-house applications, such as those used to monitor social media campaigns and pre- and post- natal health information. Outside the office, Luke indulges in the counterculture to his digital professional life and enjoys fountain pens, typewriters, and cursive letter-writing.

Suzanne Fegan, MSc — Epidemiologist
Suzanne provides epidemiological services for the agency, specializing in chronic disease and injury prevention and child health. Notable job responsibilities include monitoring the health status of KFL&A residents, analyzing, interpreting and reporting health-related data, and conducting epidemiologic studies for the agency. She developed and produced KFL&A Public Health’s Facts & Figures, writes annual Infant Feeding Status Reports, and contributes to the Community Foundation of Kingston & Area’s report, Vital Signs®. Suzanne also provides data extraction and analyses skills to program evaluation projects. She is an active member of the Association of Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario (APHEO) and was is currently the lead on the Healthy Eating Active Living Core Indicator group. She also served as Chair of the Core Indicators Working Group for two years (2014-2016). Outside of the office, Suzanne plays viola with the Kingston Symphony and enjoys her family, including raising her young son. Suzanne is a dedicated volunteer—she is a member of the Board of Directors for Kingston Daycare, and has helped the Canadian Cat Association and Kingston Humane Society.  Suzanne’s CV.

Justin Ibbotson, Dip. CPA — Application Developer
Justin supports the Informatics Team through software development, project management, and quality assurance. Most of his efforts are focussed on SHIIP, working closely with provincial partners to design effective and feature-rich solutions. Justin trained at both Loyalist and St. Lawrence Colleges—he has a Diploma from the Community & Justice Services Worker program in addition to his Diploma from the Computer Programmer Analyst program. After graduating with distinction from St. Lawrence College, Justin joined the Informatics Team to put his adaptability and outside-the-box thinking to good use. Outside of work, Justin has a variety of interests that include videogames, Formula 1, patio drinks, poutine, the occasional concert, and watching his favourite hockey team not make the playoffs.

Tenzin Norsang Lateng — Data Integration Specialist
Norsang brings 19+ years of experience in application development, system integration, and administration. As a Data Integration Specialist, Norsang works as the technical lead for SHIIP, including working with the South East LHIN to plan and develop the application and provide technical support to the customer support team. He provides training and support to the Informatics Team, and provides expertise as needed for other applications. Notably, Norsang developed an ACES simulation application for emergency response training. Norsang was trained in India and has worked in IT in both India and Canada. He also designed the webpage and app for the Tibetan Cultural Centre in Toronto to plan His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s visit to Toronto in 2010.  Norsang’s CV is coming soon.

Jasmine Liu — UI/UX Developer
As a UX/UI developer, Jasmine is responsible for working closely with clients and the software development team to design and build highly interactive, responsive, and aesthetically attractive user experience and interface across the team’s e-health solution portfolio. She designs and develops rapid mock-ups of potential use interfaces for consideration, incorporates end user feedback, and then builds and deploys the selected interface. The interfaces are responsive for both the desktop and mobile devices, are AODA compliant, and are intuitive, elegant and easily maintained. Jasmine joined KFL&A Public Health KM in 2018, bringing with her dynamic experiences from Intel, London Life, and several marketing agencies. Outside of work, Jasmine enjoys home renovation, hiking, and painting.

Allison Maier, MPH — Research Associate/Data Scientist
Allison has two roles with KM team: Research Associate and Data Scientist. Allison provides leadership and support to agency-driven applied research, including program evaluation. As Data Scientist, Allison analyzes large administrative datasets and social media feeds using data mining, machine learning, and other data science techniques. For example, Allison designs and implements business intelligence dashboards of Facebook and Twitter social marketing campaigns using data from metrics and API feeds. She has also developed an R package for reproducible customized graphics for the agency. Allison provides consultation and mentoring to staff and students in acquiring research and analytic skills. For example, Allison developed and taught an introductory course on the use of R in public health to fellow staff. Allison is a prolific knitter and enjoys dancing and traveling. Allison’s CV.

Elliot Maracle — Application Developer
Elliot builds and maintains e-Health solutions for KM. He is primarily responsible with assisting the GIS Analyst in the development of the Public Health Information Management System (phims.ca) by providing system design and architecture expertise. He is also the lead developer for the ILI-Mapper (mapper.kflaphi.ca/ilimapper)—he works with the epidemiologist to develop novel and effective methods for data visualization and to optimize the application. Elliot enjoys all things sports and when he’s not playing basketball, he spends his free time developing a statistical model for predicting NBA and NFL games.

Emma Nagy, PhD  — Research Associate

Emma’s primary role is to work with teams across the agency to develop and conduct program evaluations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public health programming. Emma also applies her expertise in epidemiology, research design, quantitative and qualitative methods, and statistical analysis to conduct research activities requested internally and by community partners. Select research initiatives include the development of a community mental health profile using local and provincial surveillance data, and group facilitation for Health Canada. In her work, Emma particularly enjoys collaborating with other staff, taking on project management roles, and using her skills in group facilitation. In her free time, Emma likes traveling the world, interior design and creative projects, and spending quality time with her husband and son.   Emma’s CV.

William O’Connor, Dip. CPA — IT Support Analyst
Will earned his Computer Programmer Analyst diploma from Loyalist College in 2003, but he has been working as a computer and computer systems professional for about 20 years. He worked for the Limestone District School Board for over 10 years before joining the IT staff at KFL&A Public Health. Like his previous work with the School Board, Will supports staff with their IT needs and troubleshoots their problems. He enjoys working with staff and has gained a wealth of experience helping people effectively engage effectively with technology. Will is the proud dad of 4 young children—in his non-existent spare time, he has planted a garden and is looking forward to creating homegrown meals for his family.

Jason Price, Dip. CPA  —  Application Developer
Jason is a full stack developer and works primarily as the lead front-end developer for ACES. He handles new feature implementations and provides maintenance and technical support. He is also the technical lead for all internal agency web applications, including any front-end or back-end technical updates and maintenance requests, and user support and documentation. Jason oversees the communication request form system, maintenance of the staff website, and he is the technical lead for the public-facing Immunization Appointment Scheduler—Jason handles all feature development, provides back-end support to internal administrators by creating and updating clinic information and acting in the role of user technical support. Jason’s education is in business, software development and project management and has worked with Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Revenue. Jason is a proud father of 2 young children, and he spends much of his free time learning and playing strategic boardgames, both with this wife and with local gaming groups.

Karen Scott, MSc — Research Associate
Karen has worked with KM as a Research Associate since 2006. She is responsible for the development and management of program evaluation projects including scientific and ethical review, data collection, data analysis, and dissemination of results through written and oral communication. Karen works collaboratively with KFL&A Public Health staff to determine evaluation design, data collection methods, and interpretation of results; she conducts evaluability assessments to determine priorities and assesses local population needs to inform program planning. Karen has collaborated on many research projects with public health nurses, research staff, Queen’s University, and community groups. Karen provides the agency with expertise in Visual (or Graphic) Facilitation to lead groups towards goal setting, decision-making, or consensus through large-scale imagery. Karen is a skilled cyclist and knitter, and enjoys cottage weekends with her family.  Karen’s CV

Sean Sweeney — Application Developer
Sean works primarily on KM’s SHIIP application which provides a web portal for viewing and managing information relevant to patient care for local hospitals. Sean works with the Informatics Team—in partnership with the South East LHIN—to develop and maintain SHIIP and ultimately provide better healthcare for the patients and providers using the application. Sean also develops and maintains the EMR used by many different teams at KFL&A Public Health. Using his experience in project management and product development, Sean meets with clinical staff, assesses their needs, and develops solutions that provide value to the community. Outside of work Sean can be found experimenting in the kitchen or chasing after his son.

Adam van Dijk, MSc — Epidemiologist
As an epidemiologist for KFL&A Public Health, Adam is responsible for monitoring the health status of our residents, interpreting health-related data, and conducting local epidemiologic studies. He works primarily with infectious disease and provides epidemiologic supervision of KM’s Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance (ACES) system that monitors Ontario’s acute care hospitals for disease outbreaks. Adam works with KM’s informatics team to maintain and improve ACES. He also trains new users and helps health authorities improve their use of ACES. Adam primarily provides local surveillance, but he also monitors regional and provincial trends to provide guidance for public health decision-making as needed. Adam has been with KFL&A Public Health since 2009. He was the secretary for the Association of Public Health Epidemiologist (APHEO) from 2013 to 2015. Adam enjoys walking his dog, Larry, camping and fishing trips, and a good single malt.  Adam’s CV.

Nancy VanStone, PhD — Research Associate
Nancy supports KM’s mission to to generate actionable research and innovative solutions by working with external clients in applied public health research and engaging new collaborative projects. Nancy is an environmental health researcher, communicator, and educator; she has taught advanced courses in environmental health and environmental chemistry. Nancy has expertise in research design, knowledge translation, and project management. Nancy works with KM staff to produce grant proposals and scientific reports. Nancy enjoys gardening in the summer and skiing in the winter.   Nancy’s CV.