Ontario Acute Care Surge Monitor

The Ontario Acute Care Surge Monitor (ACSM) uses data from KFL&A Public Health's Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance (ACES) system to display real-time patient volumes for emergency department (ED) visits and admissions to hospital across Ontario. ACES is a surveillance tool for Ontario's local public health agencies and Ministry of Health that monitors—in real time—visit volumes and potential disease outbreaks at participating hospitals (currently, more than 95% of Ontario's hospitals share data with ACES). ACES collects data as the patient is registered—date elements collected include hospital location, time/date, sex, age, and reason for visit (or admission). No patient identifiers are collected (e.g., name, health card number). The number of registrations are aggregated by hour at each hospital to provide an estimate of the relative volumes of patients. This estimate is compared to data for the same hour for the past 365 days to assess the hospital's relative surge status.

NOTE: Access to the ACSM is available to public health, healthcare professionals, and other interested stakeholders. The metrics provided in the ACSM do not account for other indicators of surge status, such as staffing dynamics or bed availability. The application and the metrics provided are not intended to provide oversight or evaluation of hospital systems of practices, but rather offer real-time situational awareness of patient volumes experienced at facilities across the province.

Click here for more information on the ACSM (and see pages 6 and 7 of the ACSM). Click here for more information on ACES. For more information about the Ontario Acute Care Surge Monitor or to get the data in an accessible format, please contact informatics team

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